Library Information

Address :
Kolej Yayasan Saad, Melaka

PO Box 495

75670 Melaka

Phone Numbers:

1) Receptionist / General Info
06-2338384 & 06-2338869 / 014-400 3157

2) Account Department
06-3191096 / 010-800 3157

3) Student Affairs Department
06-2310146 / 010-546 3157

4) Marketing & Public Relation
06-2314857 / 019-2223157

5) Academic Department 

6) Fax Machine

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday :
Open : 7.30 AM
Close : 4.30 PM
Saturday :
Open : 08.00 AM
Close : 12.30 PM


We have many types of collections in our library, range from Fictions to Sciences Material, from printed material to digital collections. We also collect daily serials publications such as newspapers and magazines.

Library Membership

To be able to loan our library collections, you must first become library member. There is terms and conditions that you must obey.





Staff & Student ID Card Facilities

Wifi Zones

Photocopying Service

Printing Service

Scanning service


Rules and Regulations




Admission to the Resource Centre

The RC is open for the purpose of study and research to current members of the School.

All users must possess a current Student Card and show it on request to RC staff.

RC users are responsible for the use of their Student Card and should not allow others to use it.

Users who are found to have allowed entry to unauthorised people will be subject to disciplinary procedures

Book Loan Allowance


Open Shelf Book - 1 book/week

Red Spot Collection - 1 book/night

Book Loan Renewal: 1 week, except those in high demand and those requested by other users.

Overdue Items: If you have an item that is overdue, you won't be able to borrow or renew loans.

Fines will apply, RM0.30/day for open shelf books & RM0.50/hour, RM3.00/day for red spot collections

Loan facilities and terms of borrowing

Loans may normally be renewed if the book is not required by the RC for another user.

A current Student Card is required whenever borrowing items.

RC materials on loan to one person may not be transferred to another. The person in whose name the loan is made is solely responsible for the safekeeping and due return of items loaned.

All RC materials borrowed must be returned within the stipulated loan period. Failure to do so will result in a fine.

Fines shall be charged at rates determined from time to time by the School Management.

Late return of materials borrowed, or failure to pay a fine imposed for late return, may result in suspension of borrowing privileges and access.

Where an item is lost or stolen, returned damaged, or not returned after a reasonable period of time, the borrower will be charged for the item at replacement cost. An item charged for in this way remains the property of KYS.

No book or other RC property may be taken from the building at any time without authority. 


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KYS Resource Centre

Library Management System
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